Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kids With Insomnia

Insomnia in adults is a very common disorder. An occasional bout, a spell that lasts for weeks - and sometimes chronic insomnia that drags on for years --- all those can cause varying amount of sleep deprivation with its inherent dangers and discomfort.

Children can also suffer from insomnia. If you have a child who's restless every night, who awakens unrefreshed or irritable, then he or she may be a victim of childhood insomnia, and just as miserable as adult sufferers.

While, with adults, its sometimes hard or impossible to come up for the cause of the sleeplessness, with children there's usually a very obvious cause. Find that cause, eliminate it and you will be well on the way to curing the insomnia.

Stress just like adults, children can suffer from stress, and it's can be a cause of insomnia. If you have a child suffering from sleepless nights, take a look at his or her life. How are things at school? Is the household in the midst of financial or marital problems? Is your child being pestered by the bully down the street? You bet your life kids worry, more than you'd believe. Try to help with the problems.

Constipation or upset tummy? Something as simple as a bit of a stomach problem can cause occasional restlessness. Adults suffer from the same thing, so that's easy to understand. Is your child eating and eliminating properly? If not, could be a problem.
Pain, is your child in pain? Fibromyalgia strikes indiscriminately - young or old.
Children can also suffer from a common problem called growing pains. Or even muscle cramps from a day of sports or playing too hard can be a cause of discomfort and sleeplessness.

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